Richard Simmons EST7 Food Steamer Review

The Richard Simmons EST7 Steam-Heat Electronic Food Steamer has been given a 4 star to a 5 star ratings by customers who bought this steamer.  It comes with 3 steaming chambers and it electronically allows you to individually cook 3 different types of food, with an option to set a different timing for each chamber.

Or you can set all 3 chambers to finish at the same time as well.

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Product Features

  • This electronic steamer comes with 3 steaming compartments that can be controlled individually
  • You can choose 2 modes, either via express-steam or direct-start functions
  • It has a auto shut off function that keeps the food warm for an hour
  • The control panel has an LCD display that comes with 5 function keys
  • It comes with a 2-2/5-liter water reservoir;
  • The parts are deemed safe for dishwasher
  • Cooking bowl is included

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Based on our research, most of the customers are very happy with this steamer.  Out of the 20 customers who gave a review for this product, 14 customers gave it 5 stars, 4 gave it 4 stars, and only 2 customers gave it 1 stars.

Good Comments

The common praise for this Richard Simmons Electronic Food Steamer is the ability of allowing you to set individual timings for each chamber for different food. The plastic used for this steamer gives a sturdy feeling and not those cheap quality plastic.  Most of them used this cooker to steam their veggies and everyone just loves the results of using this steamer

Bad Comments

One of the common complaints will be the size of the steamer and the individual parts.  It is pretty bulky so it is not so easy to find a big space to store this steamer (although this does not matter if you use it often).  And another complaint is the washing of the steamer.  There are many parts so it might take a while to wash all the individual parts of this electronic steamer.

There was one complaint which was made way back in year 2009, about the plastic chosen to manufacture this steamer.  If you are concerned with this, check out the bad review below and do your research on the health risks.

Good Reviews

Vegetable steamer, February 6, 2012

The steamer work real good. I use it as often as I run out of steam veggies. Once to twice a week.
Everyone who tries my steam veggies really loves them. I have never had any complaints. Thank you
so much.

Richard Simmons WST7 food steamer, January 8, 2012

I purchased this item refurbished just before the holidays. It has been in use several times a week since I took it out the box. The food steaming times are perfect, the machine controls the start times of each chamber, so that all chambers finish at the same time, getting the food to table without sitting time. What a great feature! The chamber sizes are practical for 2 to 3 servings each, so it may be used for small to larger families. The plastic is sturdy, not all thin or cheap-feeling. I wash all parts by hand, and there are lots of them, but the results worth it for me. It is a bit large for storage, but not much more then the comparable size and number of pots would be. Downside? Does not stack or nest to store, recipes bland but over all a great kitchen gadget. I hope it lasts for decades of use.

Excellent product, November 17, 2009

This is a very easy to use and very easy to clean steamer. It is a little bit bulky looking and it is very well worth-ed. I steamed frozen vegetables and rice and they all turned out to be great.

Bad Reviews

Trays are made of #7 PLASTIC!!!!, October 20, 2009

I purchased the Richard Simmons EST7 Steam-Heat Electronic food steamer last year and I just loved it. I ended up purchasing 3 more as gifts for my family. I had no problems until I happened to look to see what plastic number the trays were made of. To my surprise it was a #7, the worst plastic made. The food is placed directly on these trays for steaming. I did lots of research on this plastic and found out how dangerous it was. This plastic is normally seen as a bad plastic because it is made with Biphenyl-A, which is a synthetic estrogen. This can leach into food products as it ages as well as under heat (STEAM). Biphenyl-A is thought to be a hormone disruptor than may simulate the action of estrogen when tested in human breast cancer studies. I also found studies that claim #7 plastic can cause all kinds of medical problems, especially cancer. I was horrified. I tried to contact Richard Simmons through his web site to inform him of what I discovered with this product that he was endorsing. That was over a month ago and still no response. He promotes a healthy lifestyle but I don’t think this product would qualify. I feel that it is important to inform people of the risk with using this steamer and how it may contribute to health problems. Please research the kinds of plastics that are used for our food. We have to put the word out about these hazards before it’s too late.


Based on the last 10 customers who bought this product, almost everyone has given this Richard Simmons Electronic Food Steamer the thumbs up.  It is often sold out on Amazon so you might want to check if it is still available.

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Vegetable steamer, February 6, 2012

The steamer work real good. I use it as often as I run out of steam vegies. Once to twice a week.
Everyone who tries my steam vegies realy loves them. I have never had any complaints. Thank you
so much.

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